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 The CBD (close by design), was developed stemming from first hand research into Sydney’s Central Business District’s manufacturing and fabrication capabilities.   Over several weeks our group scoured the city streets finding artisans, fabricators, manufacturers, printers and a whole lot of creative minds working in Sydney. Interviews were conducted and details taken down  with the aim of compiling a designers guide for creative people looking to get things made in Sydney.  The result was the CBD guide which took the form of a laser cut and etched ply-wood box which contained information on manufacturers by material and by process. A visual and written glossary at the front also provided more information to users about certain manufacturing processes contained within the guide.  Each business we visited or liaised with had their own individual card with their capabilities, contact details and location. Each of the cards also were also lined on the back providing an area for notes pertaining to each individual contact.
Design Brief and Inspiration